01 December, 2010

A Quiet Place

I thought to myself: I need to start writing. Hence this little thing here, called a blog.
It's funny actually how the idea came to me. I was discussing with my friends how we should be starting an anti-blogger movement to counteract the annoying little voices twittering in our heads the whole day. But that idea seems rather useless, without even considering the petty, sad side of it. So if you can't beat'em, join'em right? So stand back cause here comes the noise, a mash of everything you may find on this blog, hope you enjoy.

So do I think I have something better to say? You're damn right about that. I mean it would be hard not to. Like with everything else 90% of writing is crap. Well then surely this is a good idea. Ummm, maybe not so. The other factor which got me to writing is this little bit of insight: this would just mean creating more noise.
As I see it the problem with noise can be one of two things:

  1. You stop listening. Which is what I would expect most people to do
  2. You start to like it... you know, like the music on MTV or that you hear at the radio or in clubs
Now the biggest problem is to get people to realize that they have a problem. If people don't know they have a problem they're not going to solve it. So why throw more clutter to make clutter go away? Well, because I hope to figure out on the way the means to get people to solve their problem.
Go ahead, watch this video in which Seth Godin talks about clutter:

Now, don't you feel just a tiny bit smarter for having watched that? Doesn't it get you to thinking?
So what I'll be trying to accomplish here is to stimulate thinking, by following Seth's receipe. Get people to start talking about something, give them something worth talking about (more on TED at some later time). The thing is I am trying to go about this from a different angle. Your average Joe Blogger writes about day to day stuff, random thoughts, starts a blogroll where he puts a link to his friends so that his friends put a link to him, so that they can Hi five! each other... well isn't that swell? I on the other hand will be starting by writing for myself, because thoughts encourage other thoughts to form. The idea is to link previously unrelated stuff in your mind, simple thoughts to form ideas, and in the end maybe even a way of looking at life (and I mean a philosophical system, and here you thought that was some complicated shit...).

The thing is we call these connections THINKING. I was wondering why my dog is so stupid, why can't he close the door behind him? I mean he surely knows the concept of door (he opens them when he can and he calls for us to let him out by looking out the door) and he knows about cold too, that's the reason he wanted to get inside in the first place. The problem is he can't connect the two. He literally cannot. Just as mice cannot form the idea left of the blue wall, although they know what blue is and what a wall is, strange thing is humans can't either until they are about 6. I got this revelation about my dog from a pretty cool show which I will be generous enough to share with you:

The point that the people talking there are making is that thoughts first start out not in the mind, but in the channel, in speech. Then you get to talking to yourself, and finally to talking to yourself silently. While social media in general tends to stop at the first, let's try to go a bit further. So if you want to join me on this journey go ahead, I am going to go sit in a corner quietly.

Actually, I was lying. I'll try to do some persuasion work here too. What I suggest is that we learn more. Now if the thought of MORE INFORMATION scares you as much as it does me, remember we are not the first to have these problems. They are just normal manifestations of a sort of revolution. Take the printing press, it scared and annoyed the hell out of the brightest people of that age.
But what can you do? The world is evolving. Due to printing we evolved to a society of readers, now we are evolving to a society of writers (thought it may take a shorter time than a few centuries). Also that may not be exactly what we should be doing.
I don't expect you to buy the book (although if you do, it would be nice if you followed this link so that in couple of years I can buy myself a kebab), I just think these links from amazon are pretty cool :) but you should read the summary from the link above, just for the idea of evolution of societies from an information point of view.
What I am upset about is that while to me blogging seems to be "real writing" it is a part of social media instead. And that makes me shudder. Really? social media?

I call bullshit.

PS. I promise I will not subject you to random jumps of thought anymore. At least, to the best of my ability, I will try.

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