09 January, 2011

Customer Care

I'm sure there was a time when you got frustrated with bad service or customer care. Well, that really shouldn't happen, but the good news is it can help you stand apart. Like this guy (you need to read the text):
This thing is so awesome it almost makes me feel bad about not trying to find this guy online and asking for permission to post his masterpiece, because that's what it is, it's the Mona Lisa of customer care.

If this got you interested and want to know more about how to do good customer care, have a look at Joel's blog, especially this: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/customerservice.html

Of course you could also be at the opposite side of the spectrum, like a bank let's say. That can help you stand out too, but maybe not in the way you wanted. And there is room for awesomeness here too... It's just that you're not the one doing it and it's sad.

Btw. If you feel you don't have the talent for this, you can still try, see the giraffe neck below:

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