28 January, 2011

Great Expectations 2011

First there are series, just one actually: Game of Thrones. Didn't read the book so I hope HBO gets me interested. They seem to be able to pull something epic off.

Then there are some interesting movies this year too, but of course it is already looking like a crappy year with both Transformers and Twilight continuing to sell tickets. However what looks like the worst movie next year is Your Highness. Fooled you, didn't I? There is a Justin Bieber movie coming... I think that says it all.
As a bonus there are also some movies I am looking forward to in increasing order: 
  • Thor (info and trailer)
  • Harry Potter (info and trailer would be the first whole movie Deathly Hallows part1)
  • Sucker Punch (info and trailer)
Thor seems to be the only superhero movie that has a chance of not sucking, Harry Potter is preparing for the grad finale and the reasons for Sucker Punch are... well:

Oh, you want more details? Sure. Here you go:

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