06 January, 2011

Gulliver's travels

With the new movie of resonant title but little promise I would like to discuss the loss of values. Why is it that people even consider making a crappy movie and dragging a good name in the mud? You know like they did for the Time Machine, and to a lesser extent once before. That was a brilliant book. Anyway, now: Gulliver's travels.

There's really nothing more to say as the original book was filled with political thoughts while satirizing the then popular travel novels. A movie filled with political insight and satirizing today's 3D movies would have been more appropriate. So that you can get a proper taste of Jonathan Swift take a look here. Disclaimer: this article is not for the faint of heart, but you should at least read the introduction and the end. The depiction kind of makes me sad as nothing seems to have changed considerably... To get an idea this is how I found out about the essay, starting from this demotivational poster:

How this book could ever get written and published is beyond me... am I the only one who thinks there are retarded people out there who might take it literally? Like the ones making these crappy movies.

To end on a happier note: For a brilliant film inspired by the book, but having little to do with it, I recommend Laputa. While it does have some touching and almost deep moments it is clearly an action movie, much better than almost anything Hollywood put out lately.

PS. Should you be looking for the book, I found it here.

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